T-y-p-o-g-r-a-p-h-y Syllabus
The Structures of Letters and Symbols throughout Human History Are Selected to Match Those Found in Objects in Natural Scenes
A Man of Letters
Mechanick Exercises
Charlotte's Web
The Crystal Goblet
Apology for Printers
Elements of Typographic Style
An Essay on Typography
The New Typography
On Typography
The Principles of the New Typography
The Shape of Words and Poems and Telegrams
Designing Programmes
Two articles by Randall McLeod
Typography is a Grid
Two Antitypes
Laws of the Letter
My Typographies
Story ofYour Life
Predication, tenselessness, and what it takes to be a verb*
Talking _/)_s into Existence
Why Bother?
The 'Fun-Times Font' That Ticks People Off



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