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Class Schedule
2 December 2019


September 16
Lecture — “T-y-p-o-g-r-a-p-h-y”

September 21
New York Art Book Fair


September 23
Assignment 1: Letterpress begins
Class meets in Typography Studio, Room 123
Demonstration — Introduction to metal type and the Typography Studio. Begin setting type.
Reading — “A Man of Letters,” Oliver Sacks

September 30
Assignment 1: Letterpress continues
Class meets in Typography Studio, Room 123
Continue setting type, proofing and corrections.
Demonstration — Joseph Moxon, Mechanick Exercises (pdf)
Reading — “Modern typography,” “Enlightenment origins,” “The nineteenth-century complex,” Modern Typography, Robin Kinross

October 7
Assignment 1: Letterpress continues
Class meets in Typography Studio, Room 123
Lock-up and printing.
Lecture — “Benjamin Franklin and Beatrice Warde, Postmasters”
Reading — “The Crystal Goblet,” Beatrice Warde, “Apology for Printers,” Benjamin Franklin

October 14
Assignment 1: Letterpress ends
Re-distribute type into cases.
Exercise: A walk down Nassau Street
Reading — “Historical Synopsis,” “The Grand Design,” “Historical Interlude,” The Elements of Typographic Style, Robert Bringhurst


October 21
Assignment 2: Photocopier begins
Phototypesetting in class and technical review
Film — “Farewell, Etaoin Shrdlu”
Lecture — “Raytracing with Moholy-Nagy”
Reading — “The New Typography,” Lázló Moholy-Nagy

October 22
Visiting designer — Prem Krishnamurthy, 7pm

October 28
Fall break

November 4
Assignment 2: Photocopier
Lecture — “Bruno Munari, T as in Tree”
Reading — “Counter-Blast,” Marshall McLuhan, “The Shapes of Words,” “Poems and Telegrams,” Bruno Munari

November 11
Assignment 2: Photocopier ends


November 18
In-class work continues
Visiting Designer — Mindy Seu
Lecture and class review with VIS 214

November 18
A *New* Program for Graphic Design book launch
Lewis Arts Complex

November 25
No class

December 2
Assignment 3: Computer begins
Introduction to finer typographic setting using software with reviews of settings and preferences, word spacing, letter spacing, and justification
Lecture — “This stands as a sketch for the future. Muriel Cooper and the Visible Language Workshop”
Reading — “On Typography,” Herbert Bayer

December 9
Assignment 3: Computer ends
Individual meetings, class review
Lecture — “Mathematical Typography: Donald Knuth, TeX & Metafont”
Reading — “The Principles of the New Typography,” Jan Tschichold

Jaunary 6
Final portfolio due at 1:30 pm



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